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Crossroads Academy at Hunting Park

Dr. Bright, Principal

Leader and Family Handbook

Academic Year 2017-2018

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Vision Resetting Futures



Crossroads Academy at Hunting Park is dedicated to restorative education.  We engage our students with curriculum that restores them academically and behaviorally, so that they are able to transition to a Neighborhood School and cope with the world around them.   

School Motto

Leading the way… Crossroads Core Values

Take Care of Self Take Care of Others Take Care of School

Dear Parents and Guardians:

Welcome to the 2017-2018 school year!  Our team is excited that you have chosen our school to address the academic needs of your child.  Crossroads Academy at Hunting Park is in year two of its rebranding phase. Our goal is to move away from the label of “behavioral school” and towards a restorative learning environment where students feel safe, supported, and inspired to learn.  Some of the programs we have launched to support this goal are:

  • Small class size
  • Focus on Small Group Instruction for Skill Building
  • Morning Meeting
  • Restorative Practices
  • Music/Choral Therapy
  • Empowerment groups

The policies and procedures outlined in our handbook are designed to expose your family to our school-wide expectations and familiarize you with our school’s core values. We ask that you read the entire handbook with your child, so that you and your child understand what will be expected during the school year.  We also welcome the opportunity for parents and guardians to contribute to our learning environment in the form of service and participation in our school sponsored events.

We look forward to partnering with you over the course of the year to make this a fantastic year for everyone.  If you have any questions or concerns regarding this handbook, please feel free to reach out to the school administrator at 215-400-9040 or



Dr. Bright, Principal


School Hours

The instructional day begins promptly at 8:30 AM and ends at 2:15 PM. It is school policy that parents who drive their children to school provide supervision to their child if they arrive before 8:30 AM. All students who do not utilize the school bus should be picked up promptly at dismissal.


A note to the teacher explaining the absence is required in order for the child to be excused.  Send a note upon the child’s return to school.  If your child does not submit a note, then the absence will be marked as unexcused on his/her report card. It is important to contact the teacher or another leader to find out what class work or homework has been missed.  Four or more absences will result in a home visit to the child’s home. Six or more unexcused absences can trigger the truancy process.

Lateness Policy

Our school day begins promptly at 8:30 am and students eat breakfast from 8:30-8:45 am.  Classroom instruction begins at 9:00 am, so it is important for children to arrive on time daily.  Leaders that arrive late due to the school bus will not be marked late.  Excessive lateness due to non school bus related issues will result in disciplinary and/or truancy action.  Any leader arriving after the start of breakfast is considered late.

School Uniform Policy

Uniforms are mandatory! The Crossroad’s uniform consists of the following:

Khaki skirt (Girls)
Khaki pants with a belt (Boys and Girls)
Dark blue golf shirt (collar with 2-3 buttons), or
Crossroads button down shirt (for purchase $10.00)
Crossroads Gym Pants ($10.00)
Crossroads T-shirt ($5.00)
All black sneakers/shoes
Dark colored socks

A phone call will be issued to parents if the leader arrives out of uniform.  Students will be required to report to the office to receive an in-house uniform if they are out of uniform.  At the close of the day, the uniform is returned to the school for washing and reuse.  For parents that object to this measure, parents will be required to bring a shirt and pants to the leader in order for the child to participate in school activities.  A student that is out of uniform two or more consecutive days, will be given a parent conference letter where the student is not able to return to the school without a parent.

Dress Down Days

The District has a mandatory uniform policy.  All leaders MUST be in uniform all days including the last week of school unless the school grants permission for a special occasion or event. Please check the monthly calendar for notification of Dress Down Days.

Parental Visitation

Parents are encouraged to visit and contribute to our learning community whenever they can.  There are some guidelines for school visitation.  If you are interested in discussing a matter with your child’s teacher, or other staff member, either contact the main office at 215-400-9060 to make an appointment or send a note to your child’s teacher requesting a time for an appointment.  Parents are not allowed to enter into any classroom at anytime without FBI, police, or childline clearances, so please report to the main office to receive a visitor’s pass.

Cell Phones

As a measure to protect cell phones from theft, cell phones are collected in the morning when students enter the building and phones are returned in the afternoon.  Cell phones will be locked up and secured in a safe place.  If a phone is seen or heard, it will be taken from the leader.  The phone will be returned to the parent only.  The school is not responsible for any theft of personal property including the above as well as textbooks, school supplies, and clothing.  In addition, the administrative team reserves the right to check cell phones when there are instances of cyberbullying through instagram, facebook etc. Any student found to be bullying a student through this medium will be suspended for 2 days, no exceptions.

Morning Meeting

Morning Meeting begins promptly at 9:00 am.  Morning Meeting is the time of the day when we recite our school pledge, reinforce school-wide expectations, build literacy and math capacity, and honor leaders who exhibit behaviors outlined in our Code of Character.  It is important that students arrive on-time to partake in Morning Meeting because this time sets the tone of the day.  It is equally as important that leaders arrive in full uniform with shirts tucked into skirts/pants and that your child has all of his supplies needed for the day.  We also hold Morning Meeting at the end of the day to reconvene as a school community.

School Store

This year we will implement a school store that is attached to our positive behavior program.  Students will also be allowed to make purchases during the lunch period.  Items for purchase will range from $.25-$1.00. Monies collected will be used to enliven our learning community by bringing programs and services into the building that enhance our students’ learning experience.  We advise that students refrain from bringing more than $2.00 per day to avoid loss and/or theft.  Leaders will not be allowed to make purchases when their behavior violates the Code of Character.

Inclement Weather

On rainy, snowy or very cold days, parents are advised to send their children to school (or the bus stop) at the regular admission time.  In case of severe weather conditions, which may necessitate the closing of schools, please listen to radio or television alerts concerning “All Philadelphia Public Schools.”  In the event of an early closing of schools, we must know where your child can go if you are not home. A contact form will be sent home at the beginning of each year. It is VITAL that all contact information be kept current.

Snow Hotline: 215-400-INFO (4636)

This hotline will provide regular updates on the status of school and office closures, and is a very efficient way, in partnership with the District’s Web site, to check the status of closures. The Snow Hotline can be reached at 215-400-INFO (4636).


All leaders are dismissed when their busses are called.  Any special dismissal instructions should be called into the main office before 1:30 pm.  Busses arrive at the school between 2:15 pm and 2:30 pm.  Students that are picked up must be picked up by a person named on the emergency contact and they must sit in the offivve until their pickup arrives.

Request For Early Dismissal Of Leaders

Requests by parents for an early dismissal during school hours may be made in case of emergency.  Routine dental and medical appointments should be made after school hours.  Please send your early dismissal requests in writing to the school office, and plan to have an adult meet your child in the school office. Parent or person picking up leader must sign leader out in the early dismissal sign-out book and show ID. Only persons listed on the emergency contact form will be allowed to take leader from the school.  Leaders will not be dismissed after 1:30 pm.


Each year the school distributes a Parent Location Card, which indicates where parents can be located in case of an emergency.  It is very important that the school has this information.  Teachers will contact you via  Please make sure that your phone number is up to date when there are number changes.  If there is a change in emergency numbers, the school office must be notified.

School Notices

Our only way to contact all of our parents is through or via telephone.  Please make sure that your phone number is brought current in the main office..

Breakfast Program/Lunch Program

Breakfast is served between 8:30 am – 8:45 am every morning in the lunchroom.  There are two forty-five minute lunch periods, which includes 20-minute organized recess.  Leaders are expected to follow rules and demonstrate respect for each other and for the adults in charge during the lunch and recess period. As per the Crossroads Way, leaders are responsible for eating lunch and cleaning up their areas when they are done.

Pupil Progress Reports

The reporting system for pupils provides for an individual conference with your child’s teacher.  Students will be dismissed early on these conference days.  If you want to speak to your child’s teacher at any other time, please feel free to call the office for an appointment.

Code of Conduct

Under most circumstances when students fail to observe our school wide expectations and core values, parent will be notified..  Leaders will be taken through the restorative process so that they can identify what they did wrong and be able to identify and implement appropriate solutions to their problems.   The revised SDP Code of Conduct will be sent home with leaders during the month of September.  Please read through this document carefully.  When leaders violate the code of conduct the following privileges may be taken away:

  • Class trips
  • Move-up day
  • Special school activities and events
  • Holiday celebrations
  • Non-use of the school store

Some consequences may also include:

  • Teacher consequence
  • Community Service
  • Parent phone call and/or parent meeting
  • In -house Serenity Room
  • Suspension for Level II acts

The School District’s Code of Student Conduct ensures appropriate behavior by all students at all times.  Each family will receive a copy of the Code of Student Conduct.  Please review this code with your child and help us enforce all rules.

Act 26

The Pennsylvania General Assembly has enacted legislation (Act 26) that requires all public schools to take a mandatory course of action in dealing with students who are found to be in possession of weapons.  The law requires the arrest and expulsion, for at least one year, of any student found in possession of a weapon on school property, in a school program, or while traveling to or from a school program, including time on public transportation.

The law defines a weapon to include, but not limited to, any knife, cutting instrument, cutting tool, firearm, shotgun, rifle and any tool or implement capable of inflicting serious bodily injury.  There is no requirement that the student use or try to use the weapon, and possession for self-protection is not a defense.  Parents are encouraged not to send tools or supplies such as metal or pointed scissors to school with your children unless you receive a written request from the teacher. The law requires that violations become part of a student’s permanent disciplinary record, and will be available to any school in which the student may later enroll.  Parents will be required to sign an affidavit prior to enrolling their child in any public school to disclose the existence of any weapons violations or other serious violations.  These measures, required by Act 26, are designed as a safeguard to ensure that all public schools are safe havens in which all students may interact in an environment and climate that fosters learning, and strongly discourages potential acts of violence.


Homework is given to reinforce or strengthen skills taught, as an extension of classroom learning. Projects are never given the night before they are due. Leaders are expected to a minimum of 30 minutes each night. Leaders are expected to complete all homework assignments.  Parents or guardians should review each assignment to ensure completion.  Homework is assigned at least 3 nights per week.

School Trips

The teachers arrange class trips.  Prior to going on any trip, the parent/guardian must sign a consent form allowing his/her child to participate.  Telephone calls to the teacher are NOT acceptable consent.  No child will be permitted to attend a class trip without a signed permission slip.  Please send all money for the trip in a sealed envelop with your child’s name, room number, and teacher’s name on it.  Parents are encouraged to participate as chaperones. All parents wishing to chaperone must provide the school with their clearances prior to attending the trip.

Parental Concerns

Any suggestions or concerns are greatly appreciated.  Please feel free to contact the Climate Manager at or Ms. Konczyk at or 215-400-9060.


  • Entrance Practices
  • Hands by your side
  • All eyes forward
  • Level 0 talk
  • Uniform shirts tucked in/belt/and shoes tied
  • Legs moving safely
  • Cell phones shut off and given to the teacher
  • Stay in line with your teacher
  • Follow directions the first time
  • Hands and feet to self
  • Walk
  • Wait for your sibling in the sibling waiting 
  • Move quickly and quietly towards the school bus area
  • Town Hall Meeting Practices
  • Enter quietly
  • Take a seat in your assigned section
  • Sit up straight